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Guided Tour St. Stephen´s Cathedral

The history of St. Stephen’s reaches all the way back to the year 1137 when the building began – at that time outside the city walls – to the present day. The cathedral is a tourist magnet of the first rank. But, alongside its cultural significance, St. Stephen’s is of course a church, in which 7 – 10 masses are celebrated daily. The tour takes you around both the outside of the cathedral - with details that will surely impress you - and around the inside of this imposing construction.

After this tour there is the possibility of taking part in another one of the roof-attic area of the church and along the gutter. This must be booked in advance and is connected with additional charges.

It’s also well-worth visiting the catacombs below the cathedral, taking the lift up the North Tower where the famous Pummerin is hanging, or climbing the 343 steps up to the top of the 137m-high South Tower.

All tours are offered as private tours. >>Fees